About Us


We are the Leading Program Administration and Compliance services for single family and homeownership programs for more than 22 years. Our proven track record and market reach are paramount; eHousingPlus has provided Program Compliance Administration services to over 81 agencies, fostering relationships and training for more than 1,066 lending organizations and 339 managing 269 homeownership and MCC programs nationwide.

eHousingPlus© revolutionized the affordable housing market in 1998, by creating the technology and solutions that streamlined the very tedious and manual process that lenders and HFAs had to endure. We developed and trademarked a new workflow and re-engineered the process for the complete Homeownership and First-Time Homeowner market. With our sister company, Housing and Development Software, we developed a state of the art business-rules based system tailored for eHousingPlus to perform its signature Program Administration and Compliance Services and is complemented by a one-stop Web Portal, real-time, compliance driven platform for the Program and Compliance Management from Reservation, Update and Maintenance, Certification, and Delivery of Homebuyer loans originated in Single Family Programs.


The HDS Companies are Housing and Development Software and eHousingPlus, your Customer Centered and Solutions Driven Partner.

HDS is 100% dedicated to the Affordable Housing market. This dedicated focus, coupled with our business and technical expertise and our active partnership with you and the industry and regulatory agencies, gives us the advantage to deliver and support the market.

To provide our clients with products and services that will reshape and transform their businesses. We will achieve this by utilizing new technologies and strategies, obtaining a thorough knowledge of our client’s operations, and building partnerships with our customers and others.

Our approach is simple. We are dedicated to providing our customers with professional, courteous, and exemplary service and solutions. Our Team is a dynamic customer-centered and solutions-driven workforce.

The business model of the HDS Companies has been Affordable Housing and related markets since we were founded. Unlike firms who come in and out of this market based on available opportunities, we have serviced and supported this industry and are exclusively dedicated to its success.