eHP Digital eHPay is a Secure Payment Authorization Portal that gives lenders the ability to instantly process their compliance file fee payments and expedite their loan approval.

    • Secure, Effortless, Instant
    • Fees are Auto-Calculated based on Program Guidelines – ERROR FREE
    • Lender fully controls payment approval
    • Full transaction history of all fee payments on line
    • Available only to Authorized Users YOU approve

Don’t continue to waste time and money processing paper checks, wires, or ACH payments.  EHPay it!

It’s as Easy as 1 – 2 – 3


Note: Effective 12/31/2020 Paper Check Fee Payments will not be accepted.


1. Register for eHPay

eHPay is a Smart, Automated and Quick System for the immediate authorization of the required Compliance Review Fees.

Download the program enrollment form >

2. Submit your Registration

Confirm Completion of your Registration Form and upload.


Upload the program enrollment form >

3. Receive Confirmation

After submission and processing of your company’s authorized users, you will receive a confirmation email to LOGIN.